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Army Basic Training Base 


Basic Training family support page.

This page will answer most questions that arise.

I'm lost what do I do? My son is there in basic training, and I have not heard a thing.
You soldier will be in contact with you during his time here. They will let you know when they graduate, where to go and what to do. First and foremost, don't worry they are in good hands.
Fort Benning is located by Columbus, Georgia.

     Before leaving home, make certain your soldier has met all the requirements for graduation and will be granted pass privileges during your visit. Your soldier should provide this information no later than the eighth week of basic training.


Where are your nearest Airports?
Atlanta has the largest airport in Georiga, it is about an hour north of Fort Benning
What Airport do you recommend?
When you fly into smaller airports it would probably connect from a larger airport, and you would then be paying for that expensive connecting flight. Unless you live close enough to drive, I recommend Flying into Atlanta, then renting a car...
I need a room on Fort Benning! Which Hotels are closest?
The Fort is an Army Base not a City and doesn't have places like,
 Columbus Area Joins the Main Gate of Fort Benning and is where most people get rooms while visiting Fort Benning, GA.
Will we get to see my soldier much at all during graduation?
Graduating soldiers with visiting adult family members (spouse, parents, grandparents or legal guardians) may, at their commander's discretion,  receive an on-post pass on Family Day and an off-post pass following Graduation.  It is absolutely vital that your Soldier return from pass at the specified time. While on pass soldiers must remain in uniform and are not allowed to drive, drink any form of alcoholic beverage or use any tobacco product.  Please check your soldier's individual unit home page for more information. 

Soldiers will normally ship to their next training location on Saturday.  This travel is by military provided or arranged transportation.  Family members, spouses, and relatives may  transport Soldiers to their next training destination.  There are restrictions/limits, however.  Please contact your Soldier's company to determine eligibility.


Family Day
The day before graduation, normally Wednesday, the battalion commander meets with friends and family members at their unit to discuss your soldier’s recent experiences and answer your questions. You will also meet the drill sergeants that trained your soldier and observe some demonstrations of soldier skills. Most importantly, you will meet with your soldier.

That afternoon graduating soldiers with visiting adult family members (spouse, parents, grandparents or legal guardians) may receive an on-post pass on Family Day and following graduation until a time determined by the chain of command. While on pass soldiers must remain in uniform and are not allowed to drive vehicles, drink any form of alcoholic beverages or use any tobacco products.

Graduation Day
Graduation is the following day, usually on Thursday at Pomeroy Field. The ceremony is at 10:00 a.m. from October through March and 09:00 a.m. from April through September. In case of inclement weather, the ceremony will take place at the Regimental Chapel and the time schedule may change to accommodate more than one ceremony.

Day After Graduation
The day after graduation soldiers will usually not be allowed to go on pass. This day is designated as a travel day for their follow on Advance Individual Training (AIT).   

Due to the heavy training demands placed on your soldier, please make your own transportation and lodging arrangements.    Please note that our installation strictly enforces all traffic rules and regulations.  Also, please be advised that civilians are not authorized to utilize any facilities on post, unless accompanied by a service member.

If for any reason there is an emergency at home and you need to contact your soldier, please call the RED CROSS through your local chapter, hospital, or law enforcement agency.  The RED CROSS maintains an efficient 24-hour worldwide notification service.  Be sure you have your soldier’s social security number and address to avoid a delay in service.  There is no charge and most importantly, such notification gives us the ONLY official confirmation that the commander needs to grant emergency leave if demanded by the situation.   For non-emergency contact, or for further assistance, please write, call, or e-mail the Company Commander. On a personal note, you can eat anywhere on Fort Benning without an Id, but you will not be able to buy gas, or shop the PX or Commissary.

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As the Maneuver Center of Excellence, we will:

  • Provide the nation with the world’s best trained Infantry, Armor, and Cavalry Soldiers and adaptive leaders imbued with the Warrior Ethos.
  • Provide a Power Projection Platform capable of deploying and redeploying Soldiers, Civilians, and units anywhere in the world on short notice.
  • Define required capabilities for Infantry, Armor, and Cavalry to meet the needs of the Future Force.


    As the Maneuver Center of Excellence, we will:

    • Develop Leaders and Soldiers who are imbued with the Warrior Ethos; highly trained and capable of dominating all enemies regardless of environment.
    • Develop the capabilities and requirements to ensure Soldiers are equipped with the skills, doctrine and materiel in order to win on the Joint and Combined Battlefield.
    • Provide the systems and infrastructure to rapidly train and deploy Soldiers and units anywhere in the world.
    • Provide direct support to Expeditionary Forces – deployed and deploying Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) units.
    • Provide the ideal environment for Soldiers, Civilians, and families to live and work. Our Soldiers will have world class ranges, training facilities, housing, and recreational facilities. Medical and dental care will be of the highest quality. Soldier, Civilian and family programs and services will be the best in the Department of Defense.


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